To obtain approval for the Sustainable Feed Standard™ the following procedure applies:

  1. Buyers registered with the Sustainable Feed Standard™ contract the Verification Body recognized by the Sustainable Feed Standard™.

  2. The Verification Body audits the soy supply base for compliance with the Sustainable Feed Standard™.

  3. The Verification Body issues a certificate for compliant volumes and records it in the Sustainable Feed Standard™ Database.

  4. When a Buyer purchases physical volumes of approved soy , Buyer books this volume in its B&C Register account.

  5. The booked volume is accompanied with evidence of the purchase (e.g. a copy of a sales contract).

  6. The Verification Body receives a notification of the booking and verifies that the total booking volumes remain within the volume stated in the Certificate.

  7. Credits can be traded between Buyers, Traders and End-Users that do have an account with the B&C Register.